Best ways to Maintain Oral Hygiene

A beautiful smiling face is the most wonderful thing in the world. Healthy & brighten teeth make your smile or laugh more beautiful. So, oral hygiene is very important for our teeth & gums. If you are not maintaining it regularly you have to face oral problems like cavities, bleeding gums & toothaches. Make it practice to clean your teeth twice a day & must go for regular checkups.


Experts say, there is a connection between oral health & overall health. If you haven’t maintained oral hygiene it affects your overall health. Oral hygiene reduces oral infections, increases saliva to produce good bacteria in the mouth. Oral hygiene prevents to spread of infections in our bodies. 


Some health conditions may affect oral health, Like:-


- Diabetes patients have an oral issue. 
- People who have HIV/AIDS also suffered from oral health problems.
- Weak bone disease is also causing tooth loss.
- People, who have acidity problems, also have oral issues.


Most people brush twice a day, but some are unknown about the correct techniques of maintaining oral health. Some people use a soft brush for brushing or others use a hard brush which affects their teeth enamel & gum. Now here are some following techniques to maintain your oral hygiene.

- Regular brush your teeth with a soft brush.
- Brush your teeth before going to bed. 
- Brush for 2-3 minutes in a circular motion. Don’t brush forcefully.
- Use floss while brushing. 
- Use mouthwashes after brushing. It prevents bad breath. 
- Regularly clean your tongue. 
- Regular dental checkups. 
- Avoid smoking.
- Reduces intake of sweetened foods.
- Drink water & stay hydrated. 
- Avoid those foods which can cause acidity.


You should involve your child in how to maintain oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing & washing are three main parts of oral hygiene. Make it practice from infant to adulthood & avoid teeth, gum problems, or oral disease.