Why do we immersion Hindu Idols after worship?

Hindus have many rituals & traditions in their daily life to cultural life. 365 days Hindus are followed different types to festivals, traditions but some rituals & traditions create exciting terms of our mind. Durga Puja is the largest festival in Eastern India. This festival was performed from ancient times. Durga Puja is held on every year in the month of Sep-Oct. Hindus celebrates this occasion for 5days long.


According to the Ramayana, Lord Rama worshiped in odd time Goddess Durga (as Shakti) for defeating Ravana in Lanka Yudh.  That’s why he worshiped known as ‘Okal Bodhan’. According to this puja Lord Rama impress Goddess Durga & she gives him a blessing to defeat Ravana.


From the Yug of Lord Rama; till now Hindus celebrate this festival with lots of passion. In Eastern India mostly the West Bengal is the main attraction of this festival. This puja starts with Mahalaya which signifies the victory of good over evil & after 10 days later the main puja starts & stays 5days long. We worshiped goddess Durga as our daughter who comes with her 2 sons & daughters in her father’s home. Before this festival starts Durga Idol is made from 4-5 months ago of this festival. Durga idol is made with clay. Now Durga Idol is become made with various types of things. Some fiberglass Durga Idol is also made by artists.

This Idol is immersing in water on the last day of the puja; known as Dashami or Dussehra. Immersion Durga Idol is the final ritual of this festival; which means our Goddess Durga leaves from her house. Devotees believe this immersion in water & earth absorbs the power & energy of Goddess Durga. This is also meant all negativities are gone with this immersion & good things will happen. Not only the Durga idol Hindu deity like Ganesha immersion famous on Maharashtra after Ganesh Chaturthi. So, immersion is the most important ritual of Hindus. They believe in that from ancient times. It takes our all negativity with his/her & fills our lives with positivity & prosperity.