Transformation of Automobile Industry with IoT

Automobile Industry is one of the biggest manufacturing industries in the world. With the help of innovations & new technologies, this automobile industry made new & innovative vehicles in the market. Autonomous & Smart Vehicles are not new nowadays. Smart & Autonomous Vehicles create a new era in automotive industries & technologies too. IoT in Automotive Industry brings advantages to manufacturing & as well as services.


Technologies in Smart Vehicles are upgrading every day; that’s why the automobile industry is growing very fast & make drastic changes with IoT technologies. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is one of the popular technologies for IoT applications in the Automobile. ADAS technology is an advanced feature to assist drivers in safe driving & parking.


ADAS Technologies of IoT Applications in the Automobile Industry are the main features. These features alert drivers while driving, lane changing, collision warning, parking assistance & night vision.


Today’s smart vehicles are modified with automotive cameras on the front, rear & as well as both sides. Those cameras assist while parking & object recognition & lane changing assistance & also send an alert about collisions warning to drivers.


ADAS technologies help to detect the positions of other vehicles & objects. This alert information helps drivers while low vision conditions.


With IoT applications, ADAS is creating a 3D map of surroundings which can help drivers safe driving. This feature also alerts on high crowded areas, bad traffic, or accident-prone zones. For that reason, drivers can relax or be comfortable while driving or parking.

ADAS allows you Bluetooth & LAN connections to enable interaction between the phone or system to play music or make calls to someone. LTE-enabled vehicles provide advantages to drivers to get online radio, but also live updates & faster loading of live maps. LTE-enabled cars give you freedom of usage of Wi-Fi while going to work or traveling.


IoT technologies in the automobile industry are increasing every single day. This revolution in the automobile industry with IoT techniques; creates a huge change in vehicles as well as driving. Implementation of IoT Technology makes driving more comfortable & convenient. This will reduce road accidents too. So, let’s go with new technology & enjoy the ride of gen-next vehicles.