Google Tasks Manage your tasks Anytime Anywhere

From the professional career to personal space we all are participating in the rat race. Time management is the biggest issue for us. All works are equally important & completing tasks in time are sometimes given headache & creates tension. If you set your regular time management, then you can complete your tasks at the proper time.


Tasks Management is very needful for everyone to do their work on time. But sometimes we forget or are confused about which tasks are important & urgent. That multitasking management is very complicated for working women; because they manage the workplace & home at one time.


A few years ago we note down our tasks on paper but now we use work reminders, & a calendar. The Smartphone makes our life easy because we set reminders & take notes anytime, anywhere. Google Calendar is very popular for listing our daily work. Now Google is Launching a new To-do List maker app Google Tasks. It is a free online service to manage your regular work schedule anytime, anywhere. Google Tasks is an in one list maker & tasks organizer which can easily connect with your Gmail or Google Calendar. You can add or capture your tasks anywhere & after completing the tasks cross them on your Google Tasks App.

How to Access Google Tasks on Your Smartphone?


Nowadays most people have an android device or an iPhone & then Google Tasks is available on their Smartphone.


- iPhone users easily download this app from the App Store. Android users download it from the Google Play store.
- After installing the app, open the app & add, capture your tasks right from your G-mail account.
- You can manage Google tasks from your G-Mail Account & Calendar.
- You can manage your daily or upcoming tasks from Google Tasks.
- You can break down your tasks into subtasks.
- View your tasks from the Side Panel of your Gmail.
- Organize your tasks as per date or prioritize with Drag & Drop Features.
- Set reminder as your work progress.
- Maintain track set notification of due works.


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