Stay Hygiene & Germ-Free with Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

In our daily life stay, hygiene & germ-free is a sign of good health. Once you maintain your regular hygiene you stay healthy & fit.  After this COVID-19 Pandemic hygiene is very important for us. Doctors & health workers suggest that regular & frequent hand wash, bath & clean clothes are good for our health & hygiene.


During this COVID-19 Pandemic, Soap, Hand-Washes & Sanitizer is mostly used nowadays. Now the question is why hand-wash is important for our regular hygiene?  In our human body hand is the most usable part we use every single work. Without hands, we are nothing to do. Clean & germ-free hands protect us from spreading the virus, and bacteria into our bodies. So, Hand washing is the most important thing to maintain regular hygiene.


In previous days we all used soaps for washing our hands. But, one soap used by everyone is very unhealthy, it spread germs. Today’s we all are used hand washes & it become more popular & safe to use. We all know modern technology eases our lifestyle; so the automatic soap dispenser is a new invention & now been launched in the market. Xiaomi frequently launched each new item in the market. They are now involved to make personal care gadgets? So, the newly launched Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser. So, let’s check the feature of the Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser & its use.

- Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser is a completely contactless soap dispenser.
- Auto Hand Detection sensor gives you advanced technology for better hygiene.
- Soap Dispenses in less than 0.25 seconds. You can get high responsive detection.
- Required 4 AA Batteries.
- Silent Motor dispenses soap & experiences advanced hygiene.
- Spill-proof formula added extra features to this automatic soap dispenser.
- Premium Matte Finish Design gives a better look to your bathroom.


Hope this newly launched Automatic Soap Dispenser gives a new way of hand washing to protect your family from spreading germs, bacteria & viruses. Get your Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser now from the Online or Offline Mi Store.