The Best ways to Clean Shower Head

Cleanliness is a good sign of better health as well as shows how you maintain the hygiene of your family & home. Cleaning is a healthy habit. But sometimes we have faced dust & dirt on home & around the surface. Dirt-free washroom shows how you maintain your home & cleanliness; where we clean ourselves. Regular bathing is the most important work for daily hygiene. A clogged & dirty shower head is one of the main problems in every washroom. When we take a bath we see the clogged shower head & the water is not coming out properly. Let’s check the homemade techniques to clean the shower head.


Clean with Vinegar: Take a plastic bag & fill half part with vinegar. Then put the Shower Head into this bag & twist it with a tight rubber band on it. Leave the bag for a few hours. Then you remove the bags & turn on the shower. You get a cleaned showerhead.


Clean with Vinegar & Baking Soda: Take one spoonful of baking soda & 2 Big Spoon of Vinegar & make a runny paste of it. Now you can take the old brush, dipped on that paste & rub it on the showerhead. Leave the showerhead for few times; turn on the shower for few times & get a clean & clogged-free shower head.

Clean with Toothpicks: Open the showerhead from the pipe & take a toothpick to clean the showerhead holes gently. It is an easy technique to clean the showerhead.


Place Showerheads in Warm Water: Open the showerhead from the pipe & put it in a full bowl of warm water. Make sure the shower head is drowned in warm water for a few hours. After that, you can rub it with an old brush.