Keep Yourself Cool in Hot Weather

Stay healthy in all-season & Seasonal changes may not affect your overall health is most important for our daily life. On summer days temperatures are too high to heat our body accordingly. Sometimes this body heat can affect our health & cause acidity, high blood pressure, eyes & body inflammation & sunstroke. 


Here are some reasons you should know how to increase body heat:-

• Eat too many oily & spicy foods. 

• Drink excessive coffee or alcohol.

• Spend huge time on the outside. 

• Eat too many high-protein foods.


• Drink less water. 

• Body-hugging & synthetic clothes.

If you want to stay fit on summer days, try to keep yourself hydrated in hot weather. Here are some following tips to keep yourself cool in hot weather instantly:-

• Wear breathable clothes in hot weather. Wear cotton or light-weighted fabrics. It keeps you cool & more comfortable. Avoid dark colors on summer days.

• Keep yourself more hydrated. Drink lots of water. It decreases your body temperature. Otherwise, sweat cause dehydration. 

• Include hydrating foods in your diet. Eat watermelon, cucumbers regularly on summer days. It keeps you more hydrated on hot days. 

• Avoid spicy & oily food as much as you can. It can cause acidity & stomach inflammation. 

• Drink coconut water regularly on these days. It helps you to digest your food easily & decrease acidity. Coconut water gives you freshness & instant energy. 

• Add Vitamin-C-rich fruits to your diet plan. Lemon, Citrus reduce body heat.

• Try to eat yogurt after every meal. It soothes your body & keeps you away from body heat. You can drink buttermilk (Chaas), which gives you instant refreshment & soothes body heat. 

• Try to avoid high protein foods. It increases body temperature. 

• Avoid drinking too much coffee or alcohol.

• Take shower twice. It gives you instant cooling & refreshments.