Why do married women wear toe-ring?

Jewelry is the most auspicious thing for every woman. Ornaments & Jewellery enhance women’s beauty. But some jewelry plays a significant role in women’s married life. Traditional jewelry is the main part of Indian Wedding Rituals. That jewelry is associated with good health & prosperity for the husband & his family.


Toe-ring is known as Bicchiya is mostly worn by Hindu married women. These toe-rings pair worn in the second toe of both feet & these is mostly made from silver. This toe ring is symbolized for every married woman & this is not removed for their lifetime. Most Hindu women wear toe rings in India. Hindus are not allowed to wear toe rings for unmarried women & young girls. Here is some significance of toe-rings.


Significance of Toe - Rings:-


• Wearing toe rings is a symbol of marriage. The husband puts toe rings on his wife’s toe during the marriage ceremony. This ring must be wear for throughout their life.


• Some believe these toe rings help to reduce the pain of menstrual cycles. Women wear toe rings on their second toe on both feet & there is a connection between nerves on that toes & women's uterus. Toe-rings create slight pressures on toes; which helps to cure the pain of menstruation.


• Some believe that toe –rings have acupressure benefits & it helps to pressure on women's nerves. This is improvising women’s reproductive system.


• Toe rings create pressure on women's nerves. It regulates blood flows & supplies hormones that enhance fertility & improve uterus health. 

• Married women wore toe rings on their second toe of both feet & unmarried women or young girls wore toe rings on their third toe of both feet.


• Toe rings are made with silver which has health benefits for married as well as unmarried women or young girls. Silver metal is a good conductor of heat & electricity. It has the power to remove all types of negative energies surrounding you. Silver toe rings also help for sexual desire in their married life. This can be another reason for married women wearing toe-rings.


• Silver is also a good conductor of calmness that helps women stay calm & fresh.


• People believe that toe-rings are symbolized for married women, which plays a vital role in every woman's married life. It has the power of protection for the husband & his family from any negativity. That’s why after the death of her husband; she removes toe rings from her both feet.


Some Hindu rituals & tradition plays a significant role just like married women wore toe-rings on both feet. So, wearing toe rings is also plays health benefits as well as enhances positivity in life.