Usage of IoT for Environment Monitoring

Global Warming & Climate change both are the most powerful issues around the world environment. Scientists & researchers are daily updating their research works about Global Warming & Climate change & aware of our environmental changes. Developing smart cities or urbanization is the main cause of environmental issues & it gets impacts on overall world environment.


Whether IoT can be useful for developing smart cities & urbanization, this IoT will be useful to get an update about environmental issues like pollution, air quality, water quality, weather monitoring & commercial farming. 


IoT plays a vital role in monitoring overall environmental situations. These smart & innovative facilities are helpful for sustainable living. With the help of IoT warned citizens about the quality of surrounding environments. It’s become more beneficial for commercial farming because IoT helps to get a prediction about soil condition, water quality & weather too. On the urban side, IoT services provide monitoring air quality in crowded areas & parks. The pollution sensors are installed across the city & data distribute publicly among citizens.


IoT is not a new technology, now it's beneficial for Commercial Farmer as well as a farmer too. Just because India has 70% cultivated land & most of the income are coming from cultivation; that’s why the usage of IoT plays a vital role for our Indian farmer & commercial farming. With the help of IoT, they can identify soil conditions, get advanced weather forecasts & control production & which could be positive effects on overall environment systems. 

Usage IoT in Environment Monitoring is also beneficial for construction because soil condition testing, drinking water quality & air quality is more important for urban development. So, before going to construct the area, IoT can provide overall data of environment monitoring of that area.


Water is the most precious resource of nature. Urbanization or farming and developing industries all depend on water. IoT can help us to check water condition & quality before development. Apart from water deforestation is the main cause of global warming. But taking IoT technology sensors will help where need to plantation or fight forest fire to make our mother nature live & sustainable for living creatures.


So, the usage of IoT in environmental monitoring can help us to save nature & protect it from natural disasters & make it sustainable for living. Hope this advanced technology could be eco-friendly for our nature.