Impacts of Plastics on Human Health

Last few decades the whole world conscious of the uses of plastics. Some countries banned plastics from the first day or some are still used. We all know the harmful impacts on our health as well as on the environment also, but still, we can’t resist the usage of plastics. We all are surrounded by plastics; like plastic bottles, food containers, pens even furniture & clothing too. That’s why plastic pollution is increasing day by day. Plastic pollution harms our total environmental cycle that affects living creatures.


The chemicals used in the making of plastics can cause severe health issues like cancer, Asthma childhood development issues, kidney disease, Brain & liver damage & immune problems. But we all are consuming plastics through our clothing or from food. Let’s check out how much we depend on plastics in our daily life:-


Scientists found microplastics from marine species & we all are loving sea-foods & that can be indirect effects on our health. So, we daily consume plastic contaminated seafoods. These microplastics can have major effects on living creatures as well as our health. So be aware of to use of plastics & make sure to reduce plastic pollution.


The plastic container is a very popular thing in our daily life, it makes our life easier than before. Plastic packaging keeps foods fresh & prevents leakage. But plastic packets chemicals are contaminated with food that makes our health issues like infertility, heart disease, indigestion. All health advisors suggest avoiding plastic packaging food for our general well-being.


Water is most important for our overall health. But the World Health Organization (WHO) published shocking reports that human drinks micro-plastics via their plastic bottles. According to the WHO reports 90% of microplastics are found on plastic bottles of water & which may impact our health. This report makes us conscious but we don’t. We still use plastic bottles. So, please try to avoid plastic bottles of water.

We use plastics not only limited to plastic containers or bottles. We absorb plastics through our clothes. This is very shocking for us but it’s true. Synthetic fibers like polyester, acrylic, nylon & rayon are mostly used in making clothes nowadays. So, when we breathe, we absorb plastics through our clothes. Polyester materials are harmful to our skin; it resists our skin breathing & makes body odor. This may affect our overall health.


Now the question is how we avoid the use of plastics; Here are some advice to resists usage of plastics:-


• Banned plastic bags as soon as possible. Use paper or clothes bags for daily usage.
• Avoid plastic packaging foods & Plastics water bottles. Use glass or steel utensils or bottles.
• Store your foods on high BPA Plastics containers or glass & steel containers & don’t store them for long days.
• Avoid using plastic zipper bags for food packaging.
• Usage Cardboard for storage things. 
• Don’t throw out plastic bags here & there. This can be reducing plastic pollution.
• Carry your bags while shopping.


If we reduce the usage of plastics we make our environment better & we all creatures are living & breathing healthy & makes our Earth plastic free.