Why is Pradakshina done in only clockwise manner?

Every culture is valuable to that particular population; people are connected emotionally with their culture & tradition. India is a famous country for its culture & traditions across the world. It is a land of many different peoples who have different cultures & traditions. The important elements of Indian culture are good manners, religious rituals, values, etc. In India, religion plays a very significant role. Various religions founded & followed in the country include Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Islamic, Buddhism, etc. Hinduism is a very old religion & in India most of the people are Hindu.  


Hinduism is a religion with various Gods and Goddesses. In-home & temples we go for the worship of god, it’s not only for what our culture tells us to do but also worshiping or puja gives us peace of mind. Whenever we go to worship in the temples, we practice going around & around in a clockwise direction. There is a deep meaning to Pradakshina. Today we discuss why Pradakshina is done in only a clockwise manner.


Pradakshina means circumnavigate. Circumnavigate means going in a clockwise direction, particularly in the northern division. If we notice closely then we saw that many natural occurrences things turn clockwise. Not only that we always assume God is the center of our existence. So, when we do Pradakshina we accept that our actions & thoughts are always centered on God. The center point is always fixed so; we remind ourselves that god is the center of gravity & the main focus of our presence.

This is the main reason for Pradakshina. The world is always rotating around the sun. Even all planets also rotate on their axis. In the solar system, every planet rotates around the sun, just like our Pradakshina should be done with god at the center. Pradakshina should be done slowly & not in a hurry, our thinking & exertion must reside on god.