Advantages & Disadvantages of Bio-fuels

Invention & Technology both are compatible with each other. Upcoming & upgrading things are important for our generation. Like other renewable resources, biomass is converted into a liquid version called bio-fuel. That’s why bio-energy technologies made bio-fuels from animal wastes, vegetable oils & animal fats. Bio-fuel is an alternative fuel to petrol & diesel & it will become popular in few years.


Apart from that scientists & researchers are terrifying about the limitation of natural resources. So they suggested Bio-fuel will play a vital role in the upcoming days. Just because bio-fuel is a renewable resource this can be prepared anywhere & these alternative fuels have lower emissions of greenhouse gas. Now let’s check the advantages & disadvantages of bio-fuels or biomass.


Advantages of bio-fuels or biomass:


• Like other natural resources, bio-fuels or bio-mass have lower emissions of Carbon dioxide which reduces air pollution & it’s good for our overall environment.


• Scientists are warning the whole world about global warming, that’s why they suggest we use alternative resources. They assure bio-fuels can reduce global warming & our mother nature will retrieve back.


• Bio-fuels or Bio-mass costs are the same as gasoline. But day by day it will become cheaper to produce than gasoline & easy to obtainable for everyone.


• Gasoline is a non-renewable resource. Scientists said the enormous usage of gasoline will end sometime or someday in the future. Manure, waste from crops, other by-products, algae & plants & all of these are not run out any time soon so, the Bio-Fuels or Bio-Mass will become popular & efficient to use in upcoming days.


• Bio-fuels or Bio Mass reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Most of the country imports fossil fuels & it cost too high. But usage of bio-fuels reduces import costs or charges & this can be economic benefit for those countries that import fossil fuels.

Disadvantages of bio-fuels or biomass:


• A high production cost is one of the important disadvantages to produce bio-fuels. In the current scenario, production costs are so high but bio-fuels have not matched the demand. That’s why bio-fuels Production Companies are showing less interest produce.


• If bio-fuels usage demand will increase but supply might have been low because of its long-term operation & process. If the production procedure is long then costing charge is also high. This is a also disadvantage of bio-fuels or biomass.


• Bio-fuels are produced from crops & these crops need fertilizers to grow better. Besides these growing crops with the usage of fertilizers, can affect soil & increase pollution. This is also another disadvantage of producing bio-fuels.


• Production of Bio-fuels needs a huge amount of water. So, a massive quantity of water usage can be pressured on the nearest local water resources.


• In the present situation, Bio-fuels costs are similar to gasoline, but day by day production costs will increase & naturally it’s getting expensive. The rising price of bio-fuels may affect on economy too.