Before Drink test TDS with Mi Water TDS Tester

Once we all thought about our health water; is the most essential ingredient of our human body. According to science human body has made 70% of water. Lack of water can cause dehydration & other health issues. So, water takes care of the overall human body & as well as health. But the problem is fresh, purified & hygienic water is hard to find & unpurified, unhygienic water is not good for human health. 


Now the question is how to check TDS in water; which is consumed every day? TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. Water is the most universal solvent to allow dissolving solids in water easily. TDS is the amount of organic & inorganic solids which can easily dissolve in water. TDS in water comes from many sources natural or artificial. The measurement of TDS in water helps to identify the water quality. TDS is measured as the volume of water like ppm (parts per million) counting. 

Now the TDS testing is very easy; because technology made things easy. Xiaomi Brand is one of the most preferable brands in India & they launched their new Mi Water TDS Tester in Mi Store offline or online. This Mi Water TDS Tester checks the water quality; that you consume daily. Let’s check the features of the Mi Water TDS Tester:


Mi Water TDS Tester is very easy to use & its digital LCD screen shows ppm counts once you put it in your consuming water. It shows your consuming water quality
• Mi Water TDS Tester featured with IPX6 Waterproof Technology.
• This device has detected 0-9990 ppm TDS range.
• Anti-Rust & Anti-Corrosion Sensor protects from rust & extra heat & making this device an extra advantage.
• The latest technology featured in Mi water TDS Tester; detects the total dissolved solids in your consuming water & alerts you if your water reaches unhealthy levels. 
• Anyone can effortlessly test the hardness of water before consuming it for drinking, cooking, or using it in the aquarium.
• This device can detect salts, minerals, or heavy metal ions.
• The slim & sleek design makes this device portable. The one-touch technique can make testing very easy.
• LR44 Batteries are compatible with this device. Put LR44 Batteries in this device & your Mi Water TDS Tester is ready to go.


This Mi Water TDS Tester checks your water quality before consuming. Hope this article can help if anyone wants to buy this Mi Water TDS Tester. Go for it & use this device anytime, anywhere before drinking water.


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