Spiritual Significance of Raksha Bandhan

India is a famous country for its culture & traditions across the whole world. India is a land of different cultures & traditions. The intimacy between people of different cultures & traditions has made India a unique country. Not only its cultures & traditions also India is well known for its different festivals. Each festival has its history, legend & significant celebration. Many festivals are celebrated here gracefully, among all festivals Raksha Bandhan is one of the most devoted occasions which was celebrated between brothers & sisters.


The sister ties a holy thread on her brother's wrist & wishing for his good health, prosperity & well-being that’s called Rakhi. When it comes to their brother's turn he promises to protect & take care of his sister. According to the Hindu calendar, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in the month of Shravan on full moon night.    


Raksha Bandhan festival should not be taken lightly; it’s not only a festival in that Raksha Bandhan has a spiritual significance. Not only do brothers & sisters celebrate Raksha Bandhan also Sisya ties Rakhi to his Guru’s wriest to connect with God. 

According to Hindu Mythology, In Mahabharata Pandavas, the wife name is Draupadi who once pull apart a piece from her saree & tied it around the wounded finger of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna accepts Draupadi as his sister. During “Cheer Haran” of Draupadi by Kauravas, no one can protect her not even Pandavas. That time Draupadi cried for help & called Lord Krishna to protect her. Lord Krishna gives her extended saree pieces & protects her from dishonor.


Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of the unbreakable bond between brothers & sisters. In Raksha Bandhan brothers & sisters exchange gifts. It was the festival of love, care, commitment, devotion & trust. When it comes to spirituality, it symbolizes the pure & holy relationship with the soul.