Global Warming Impacts on Climate Change

Global Warming is one of the most serious issues that we face for long years. Researchers & Scientists worried about this global warming & aware all over the world about this global warming. The increasing population, deforestation & pollution is the main reason for increasing global warming. Excessive emission of greenhouse gases pollutes the air as well as its deep impacts on climate too. Now global warming is causing climate changes & this is changes in weather variability.


Extreme floods, terrible storms, heat waves, excessive rainfall & unstoppable forest fire are caused by climate changes. Apart from the above-mentioned causes climate change also can affect our daily life cycles. Changing climates mostly affect ecosystems & all species relocate or die for that reason. We all know our ecosystem & its food chains are compatible with species. Let’s go through the reason why global warming impacts climate change.

• Increasing greenhouse gases pollute our whole environment; which can affect our weather too. Just because greenhouse gases heated the environment it can cause warmer weather in recent few years. Because of warm weather, hot summer days are longer than previous days & other all seasons are shorter or delayed to come. It gets directly impacts our climate change.


• Climate change firstly affects our ecosystem & that’s why ecological balance is lost day by day. The report shows weather condition is very noticeable nowadays. Increasing heat waves and sudden & regular thunderstorms are getting noticed in recent decades. Frequent weather change is causing natural disasters.


• Winter seasons are not staying longer in recent decades either are delayed to fall because of global warming. Weather changes or climate changes influence animals’ life cycles. Many species are migrating while winter fall but they now migrate earlier or return earlier.


• Ozone layers become dilute day by day & UV rays come easily which can be very harmful to all living creatures. A harmful UV ray is the main cause of skin cancer. Researchers warn the whole world to decrease air pollution first & advise tree plantation.


• Water is the leading natural source of all living creatures. Drought & floods is increasing in past few years. Some reports also show some areas are flooded & on the other hand, some areas are dry & causing drought. Heavy rainfall & melting glacier also happens to global warming impacts climate change.


• Scientists are cautious about melting glaciers which increased sea levels. That’ may cause the lower area to flood while heavy rainfall. Rising sea levels may sink coastal regions.


• Oceans are more acidic for climate change & this can be a serious threat to us. All sea animals, including corals, lost their lives & destroyed reproduction too. 

• Apart from this climate change also impacts human lives & health. Frequent weather changes increase the number of diseases. Some life-threatening illness mostly affects children & elders. Heat exhaustion and heat strokes increased in recent decades & rising doubt about our immunity.


If all the above-mentioned things are not stopped today; then our whole world faced the most dangerous situation. So, be careful about our environment & increase plantation, not pollution. Save Lives; Save Mother Earth.