Impacts of fast food on child eating habits

Humans can’t live & survive without food. It is very essential for our growth & development. Food has 2 types - Good/Healthy Food & Junk /Fast Food.


Healthy food keeps you to stay healthy, but most children are like to eat junk/fast food. Generally, fast food is comparatively attractive than healthy food among children. There are no nutritious elements in fast food. 


It is very big issues for every mother how they manage their child to avoid fast food, because children are not interested in healthy food. But every parent should know the negative impacts of fast foods on their child’s health. There are some effects of intake fast food every day in following:-


- If your child intakes fast food regularly it affects their digestive systems. Fast food contains low fiber that’s why it digests slowly which is not preferable for any children. 
- Fast foods have low fiber nutrients & it causes slow digestion. That’s why children suffered from constipation.
- Daily consuming fast food is a high risk for obesity. They become overweight as per their age. They feel tired & unwilling to do any physical activities. 
- Fast food has rich contains sugar & salt. These elements increase blood pressure in our bodies. So, try to avoid it & replace it with healthy foods.
- Fast food leads your child towards depression cause of their obesity.
- It affects their sleep. 

Here are some tips to stop eating fast foods:-


- Plan a diet chart for everyone include children also.
- Insists them to eat carbohydrates, proteins contain food.
- Let them practice eating fruits regularly. 
- Make healthy snacks for them.
- Cook healthy food in different & interesting way.
- Encourage them to make healthy food.
- Recognize their favorite foods & try to make them interesting.