Which Flowers Are Offered To Which God & Goddess & Why?

Indian Culture & Traditions are the richest cultures in the world. Worship to God & Goddess is our main tradition of us. Offering flowers to our God & Goddess is an important culture of Hindu Traditions. Our Hindu God & Goddess have their favorite days, flowers & colors. Worship to God & Goddess is incomplete without the offering of flowers.


Hindus believed in God & if we pleased our God; all problems and obstructions will be clear & we become successful in our life. Hindus have lots of God & Goddess & their favorite flowers & colors are different. We are trying to worship God & Goddess with their favorite flowers. Let’s check out which flowers are offered to which God & Goddess & why?


Lord Ganesha:
When we start any new work we worshiped Lord Ganesha. This god is known as the removal of obstacles (Vighnaharta). According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Ganesha was worshiped first. Lord Ganesha’s favorite flower is Marigold or Genda. Marigold is offering for curing disease & give good health. Apart from this Hibiscus is also the favorite flower of Lord Ganesha. Offering Hibiscus to get prosperity & destructed enemies.


Goddess Laxmi
Goddess Laxmi is known to bring prosperity & good fortune to your life. Goddess Laxmi sits on an open Lotus flower; for that reason, this flower is a favorite of Goddess Laxmi. This Flower is a symbol of prosperity & wealth. Apart from that; red flowers are also offered to Goddess Laxmi.


Goddess Saraswati:
We all know Devi Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge & she signifies purity of mind & soul. We are offerings Palash, Champa & Sunflower to Goddess Saraswati. Yellow & White is the favorite colors of this Goddess.

Lord Shiva:
The ultimate destroyer & powerful god Lord Shiva’s worshiped by Dhatura, Dry Lotus, & Champa. According to Hindu Myth lord Shiva is pleased by only Bel leaves. Some people are offering Jasmine to Lord Shiva because of its fragrance.


Goddess Kali:
The essence of women's power & Adishakti –Goddess Kali is worshipping by blood red hibiscus. Dark red is a symbol of the ultimate power that’s why red marigolds, dark red roses, or Red hibiscus garlands are offered to Maa Kali.


Lord Vishnu:
According to Hindu Purana Lord Vishnu is known as the preserver of the whole universe. Lord Vishnu likes Lotus; & we notice every single idol of Lord Vishnu holding a lotus flower in his hand. Apart from lotus flowers he also likes Jasmine, Kadam, Kewra & many more.


Hindus are offering flowers to please the God & Goddess. God created nature & human offers flowers; the beauty of nature & its fragrance. Fragrant flowers pleased mind & soul. Once we decorate Temple, idols with flowers; it enhanced the beauty. So, in this article, we know the reason why we offer different types of flowers to our God & Goddess.