Purify Air: Purify Health with Tru-Sens Z-2000 Air Purifier

We all are thanks to technologies that regularly upgrade with our generation's requirements. Technology & newly invented gadgets are complementing each other. Both are similar in growing & create a new experience for us. But we are too much depends on technologies; cause without technologies we are unable to move forward. Depending on technology have advantages & disadvantages. 


A few times before air-purifier are luxurious things & expensive to buy. But with the help of technologies & regular invention; air-purifier is now in affordable price. It is a very popular gadget now around the world. Tru-Sens Z-2000 Air Purifier is coming with an affordable range along with HEPA Filtration, and UV Light Sterilization to kill bacteria, germs & odor allergens. Now let’s take a look at the features of this air purifier.


•  Tru-Sens Z-2000 Air Purifier has able to purify & sterilize around 375 sq ft of room coverage. It has 4 levels of purification: Pre-filter, Carbon Filter, HEPA Filter & UV Sterilization.


•  Its smart sensing formula made our work easy. Its remote Sensor-Pod monitors the air quality & takes action. You can place it across the room, & communicates back to the Tru-Sens purifier to automatically adjust its fan speed.


•  Tru-Sens has 360-degree DuPont filtration that captures pollutants such as allergens, VOC gases & microscopic particles & gives your room fresh & pollute-free air inside the room surface.


•  This purifier has UV Light Sterilization makes it different from other air purifiers. It can destroy germs & viruses & also prevent the re-circulation of live germs.

•  Its detailed LED display with color indicator shows you the surrounding air quality of your room. Like: Good (blue), Moderate (yellow), or Poor (red) air quality. The numeric indicator shows air quality in detail.


•  A simple touch panel controls the functions of fan speeds, auto-timer, UV mode & filter replacement indicators.


Easy to control & carry makes this air purifier's unique & affordable range reached everyone's budget. If you want to buy an air purifier in affordable & have some unique features then go for this Tru-Sens Z-2000 Air Purifier.