How to recover Deleted files or documents from Google Drive?

Google Drive is one of the popular file storage services uses by millions of people around the world. Automatic online file storage & synchronizing features added extra advantages to Google Drive.


But sometimes we accidentally delete the files from Google Drive & in this urgent situation we can’t find that particular file; that would be more embarrassing for us. But Google Drive has file recovery options & you can retrieve back your file anytime. But if you recover that files within 30 days of automatic deleting, that would not be possible.


In this article, we discuss how to recover Deleted files or documents from Google Drive.


• Click on Google Drive on mobile or desktop. Click or tap on Trash.
• Sorted your trashed files as per oldest or newest files.
• Click on the Three-dotted icons below the files which you want to recover from Trashed. 
• Now click on the Restore option.
• Your files are restored to the same place where it’s removed from.

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That file recovery feature will save us to the faced embarrassing situation & as we mentioned before please try to restore your files within 30 days before automatically deleting them. Or if you want to recover permanently deleted files go to Google Drive Customer Support for help.