Stay Sweat Free in Summer Days

summer days. It helps you to release your body heat at a hot temperature. Sweating on summer days is the natural process of the body but it comes with body odor & makes you uncomfortable. Some people have faced excessive sweat in summer; it is very embarrassing for them. 


Here are some tips to enjoy sweat-free summer:-


1.  Take a bath twice on summer days.
2.  Clean your armpits while you take shower.
3.  Avoid spicy & oily foods.
4.  Use less salt while you cook or eat food. 
5.  Use essential oils while you taking bath. 
6.  Use deodorant after a bath.
7.  Wear breathable clothes.

We have highlighted some home remedies to stay sweat-free:-


• Drink herbal tea.
• Rub half lemon juice on your underarms before a shower. It helps you to stay odor & sweat-free.
• Use essential oils like tea tree oil, peppermint oils while showering. 
• Drink tomato juice every day. It has anti antiperspirant properties.
• Use Apple cider vinegar on underarms or sweat-prone areas. It reduces your sweat. 
• Rub potato on underarms before a shower. Leave it a few minutes. Rinse well while showering.


Hopefully, these tips & remedies help you to stay odorless & sweat-free on summer days. Enjoy
Summer with a blast.