How Chat-bots & voice commerce transform the future of retail industry?

We witnessed the fastest growing of retail innovations in last decades. Like many industries today, the retail sector is in an extreme state of disruption. With technology out spreading its wings all over the world, a lot is shifting in the retail industry. Today we talk about the impact of Chat-bots & voice commerce in the future of the retail industry.


What is Chat-bots?


Chat-bots technology is used for personalized client management and high-value customer experiences. It will take a major place digitally in upcoming future. Chat-bots are used in the retail industry for various purposes mainly used in analyzing customer behavior. With chat-bots, conversations can be personalized to every customer by greeting them with their name. Also, they contribute to the CRM strategy with the efficiency they achieve.


• In business, our primary goal is what customer needs. So, when you own a Chat-bot that provides service 24 hours a day, every day in a week and if it’s a good service, your customer most probably will be happy with the provided service.

• Chat-bots always keep the customers engaged, as we know it can be deployed on multiple platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, email, Instagram, & browsers, which the customers are already using.

• Chat-bots can help with personalized promotions, offers on a particular day, news, etc.

• If any customer-facing any kind of issues in online shopping zone, the Chat-bots can easily assist the customer & give them a better solution.

What is Voice Commerce?


Voice commerce is a retail technology that allows shoppers to use voice commands to search & purchase products in online. Like Siri, Alexa, & Google Assistant becoming the mainstream, that people use these voice assistants too much.


• It helps to search for exact products in various e-commerce stores & also added wish list items to their shopping cart.   

• It helps businesses to offer the best of their products & services to each customer. Customers will stay longer with any service provider that takes care of their personalized preferences along with better user experience.

• It helps customer to save time & makes smart in online shopping.