Right way to cleaning of your Smart Phones

Smartphone plays a vital role in our daily life, not for communication, they can be used in many ways like; online payments, shopping, virtual meetings, etc. But when we thought about cleaning off our smartphones it relates to internal phone memory, junk files & unusual photos. Internal & external cleaning of smartphones both are comparatively important.

Because whenever we touch our phones the bacteria will transfer to our hands, faces & everywhere that the phones have touched. Maintaining hygiene & germ-free is equally important for our overall health. If we do not maintain it properly it gets impacts smartphones' health too. So do not forget to clean our Smartphones & their accessories like; phones cover, earbuds, headphones & all other accessories also.


The right way to clean smartphones:


1. First, we should unplug our Smartphones from chargers, headphones & all accessories. Then turn off the phones.

2. For more effective cleaning, we should remove the phone case or cover. Before cleaning the phones first, we should clean the phone case or cover separately.

3. Use distilled water to clean your phones. In a small spray bottle mix 70 % of distilled water & alcohol-based solution. Before use shake the bottle well.

4. Do not spray directly on your phones. Take a lint-free microfiber cloth & spray that mixture well. Make sure that do not over-wet the cloth.

5. Take the cloth & wipe down the entire phone. Make sure the cleaning will be done in both the front & back areas.

6. After that, every small area like near of camera lens, charging areas, buttons, etc used a dry cloth or a wooden toothpick to clean those areas. Once the areas will be cleaned then wipe down the area again with the slightly wet microfiber cloth.

7. After cleaning take at least 15 minutes to air dry the phones completely before put inside the phone in the phone case or cover.


Remember twice a week we should clean our phones & all accessories for maintaining hygiene.