How to get rid of dark spots naturally?

Everyone wants flawless skin but unwanted dark spots & pigmentation ruin our skin. Some dark spots are comes out at a certain age, that’s called age spots. Some people have lots of health issues that’s why dark spots or pigmentation appear on their skin. Our skin defines our health. Clear, flawless & glowing skin shows better health.


So, want to get flawless skin; firstly care about your diet. A healthy diet can change your overall health as well as your skin. Unhealthy, rich foods can affect your health along with your skin. That’s why expert advice for a healthy diet plan. Besides a healthy diet, we have some home remedies to get rid of dark spots from your skin. Here are some following tips to reduce dark spots naturally:


Potato can reduce dark spots easily. Grated potato & mix with some honey; use over on your dark spots & after 15 minutes you rinse it off. This method you can use twice-thrice a week. You notice your dark spots are reducing day by day.



Lemon is a superfood enriched with Vitamin C & has every solution to any problems. Lemon juice can lighten or reduce dark spots easily. Rub lemon juice over on dark spots & wash it off with water a few minutes later. Apply this twice a day.


Milk or Buttermilk:

Milk or Buttermilk has lactic acid which can lighten any dark spots or skin pigmentation. Soak a cotton ball in milk or buttermilk & gently rub it on dark spots or pigmentation areas twice a day. Use this until dark spots are reduced.



Another superfood enriched with vitamin C. Study proven Vitamin C now effectively works on the dark spots. So, Tomato is not even healthy its paste reduces dark spots easily. If you want a short-term effect to reduce dark spots tomato paste is a short-term solution.



Oatmeal is not only the solution to your breakfast. Oatmeal paste, mix with one teaspoon honey; Use this paste over on dark patch areas. Scrub it after 15minutes. Oatmeal paste reduces dead skin & lightens dark spots.

Aloe Vera:

One of the most preferable solution for every skin problems. Dry Skin to Sensitive Skin every skin food Aloe Vera. Anyone can use it & it has no side effects. Apply every day Aloe Vera on dark spots area & you can see noticeable effects on the skin. Aloe Vera gel reduces dark spots or patches & moisturizes too.



From ancient times to till now Turmeric has had amazing effects on dark spots. Take 1 teaspoon of Turmeric Powder, mix with 1 teaspoon of milk & apply to the effective area. This paste is the ultimate solution to reduce dark spots naturally.


Hope this article can solve your problem & you have lots of tips & tricks to reduce your dark spots naturally at home. So, stay happy with your flawless & beautiful skin.