Need to know about Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan-2

Xiaomi brand launched the most valuable & money-worthy items in the market in form past few years. Apart from smartphone manufacturing; Xiaomi launched various smart home devices like; air purifiers, smart bulbs, robot vacuum mops & many more. Their reasonable price range reached all people. That’s why Xiaomi makes its brand value higher & become popular. 


Xiaomi now launched its new item- Smart Standing Fan-2 in the market. This smart standing fan has environment-friendly & noise-free features in it. Let's check the main features of the Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan-2:


• Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan -2 weighs as light as 3kgs. This fan is portable just because of its lightweight. So you can move easily anywhere in your room.

• 7+5 wing-shaped blade design increase airflow along a powerful cooling technique.

• Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan -2 has used BLDC Copper wired motors for more extended usage than aluminium-wired motors. This motor is more user-friendly while operating capability.

• BLDC motor has soundless motors that’s why it gives a disturbance-free natural breeze.

• You can operate a fan speed between 1 & 100 from Xiaomi Home App. Natural & Direct are two different airflow modes that can match your desire.

• This smart standing fan can control with voice commands by using Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also control this smart fan with Xiaomi Home App.

• It has an adjustable wide angle & 140-degree rotation with 39-degree tilt features that circulate the airflow reach to every corner of the room. The adjustable stand also added an extra advantage to this product.

The smart home device is now very popular in the market. Technology & its implementation over the electronics products make our living easy & smarter way. It can help to save power consumption & money too. Hopefully, this smart device also create a remark in the market like other Xiaomi Products.