Free Online Course: Public Relations: Best Practices and Ethics- Revised

An organization's communication efforts should be connected with its goals, objectives, and strategies. This course will begin by teaching you about strategic objectives and ineffective objectives. You will study what RACE stands for and how to use research to analyze a situation facing an organization. You will then look into corporate PR, agency PR, government relations and public affairs, along with nonprofit, NGO, and activist PR. The course will also discuss the importance of strategic management within each PR function.


Next, the course will discuss ethics in relation to PR. You will learn about consequentialism and deontology, which are two very helpful two perspectives for the analysis of common PR moral dilemmas. You will then learn how to morally analyze a business plan, as well as study excellence and effectiveness in PR management. The course will also discuss the variables defined in Grunig’s Excellence Study and present you with a case study that highlights the benefits of organizational excellence.

The importance of ethics, moral analysis, and leadership in public relations, as well as their potential effects for a PR strategy, are the main focus of this online course. You will explore the theories behind each area and look at the benefits that a company can have once these practices are implemented properly. So, enrol in this free PR course today, and start learning to build better business relationships through ethical communication, listening, and strategic alliances.


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