What happens if you eat a lot of biscuits?

In recent times, the health industry has caught on to this food in a big way with the inclusion of digestive biscuits, dietary biscuits for weight loss or fiber, calcium fortified biscuits, glucose biscuits, and protein-enabled biscuits. Calories in biscuits come from basic ingredients such as refined flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and butter or oil used in the cooking process. Refined flour or maida is bad for you as it releases sugar into the bloodstream quickly and leads to an insulin spike; in the long-term it can even lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.


Disadvantages of eating biscuits:


- Biscuits contain a large amount of fat, which is a kind of trans fatty acid, too much intake of this trans fat will raise the cholesterol content of the body, leading to cardiovascular disease.


- Biscuits contain wheat flour, sugar and other ingredients, these make the heat and sugar content of biscuits higher, eat more, it is easy to cause obesity.


- Biscuits contain a lot of starch, fat, additives, etc. Long-term intake of these things can easily irritate the skin or cause allergies, leading to various problems such as redness and decline of the skin, wrinkles and skin ageing.

- Biscuits are baked at high temperatures during the production process. As biscuits contain a lot of starch, carcinogenic substances are produced when they are baked at high temperatures, which will increase the risk of cancer if ingested for a long time.


- Although biscuits are rich in nutrients, if eaten regularly, they can lead to a lack of other nutrients needed by the body and an imbalance in nutrition. In addition, the flour contained in biscuits directly affects the metabolic function of the body and may induce chronic gastrointestinal diseases.