Free Online Course: Leadership Skills in Business - Revised

Being an entrepreneur requires a great sense of responsibility and an awareness of what your main priorities should be. This course will begin by teaching you the three critical duties of a business owner. The course will then cover the three main types of organizations business leaders deal with, namely the sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporations. You will also learn about the four stages of organizational growth, how to recruit employees, how to conduct an interview, and why you should treat employees as assets.


Once a team of employees has been built, a good entrepreneur needs to manage them efficiently. With this course, you will learn the importance of staff training and appraisal as well as how to give and receive feedback. Do you know how to determine employee salaries? Don't worry. This course will teach you the four steps in determining staff pay. You will also learn the four disciplines of business ethics as well as the most important corporate responsibilities.

They say that the difference between a boss and a leader is that a boss says ""Go!"" while a leader says ""Let's go!"" With this course, you will learn everything you need to know to become a successful and effective entrepreneur with a team that will follow your lead. These leadership skills will not only help you grow, but your employees as well. So, check out the course and start climbing the ladder to success!


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