Tips for Healthier Hearts

The heart plays an important role in the human body. It's our responsibility to take care of it. Our health of heart depends on our lifestyles. Healthy nutrition keeps your heart healthy; otherwise, it causes several heart attacks. Cardiac Arrest or Heart disease is the highest number of deaths in the world.


Here are some following tips to keep your heart healthy:

If you keep your heart healthy, reduce your body weight first. Body fat releases cholesterol, which affects our hearts. Excessive body weight developing blood pressure causes heart disease. 

Avoid smoking, it affects not only our lungs but is very dangerous for the heart also. 

Try to eat healthy foods instead of junk foods. Avoid fried, unhealthy food. Set your daily diet plans & maintain them. 

Do some regular exercise to stay fit. Exercise increases blood flow & helps our system to operate well. It keeps you more active throughout the day.  

Increase your sleeping habits. Try to sleep for 7-8 hours. Deep sleep takes care of your heart.  

Do think about your stress. Stress also affects the heart. Live your life stress-free. Involve yourself in some interesting activities; it helps you stay stress-free. 

Don’t intake alcohol too much. If you want to drink alcohol set a limit. 

Laughter is one of the best exercises to keep your heart safe. A burst of good laughter makes you happy & stress-free. 

If you love chocolates, it is very good for the heart. Chocolates help blood flows well.


Some following food lists to maintain your heart health: 

1. Eat fresh seasonal fruits. 

2. Add green vegetables to your diet plans. 

3. Eat Dark chocolates. 

4. Eat Yogurt after every meal.

5. Add garlic while cooking, it reduces blood pressure.

6. Try to avoid spicy foods.

7. Use Olive oil while cooking, instead of other refined oils.

8. Drink green tea. Its antioxidants are good for our hearts.

9. Eat dry fruits, like- Walnuts, Almonds, etc. 

10. Avoid sweets or sugar.