Pedometer - Free Step Counter App & Step Tracker

Staying healthy & fit is very important for everyone & mostly who are always stuck on their busy life schedule. Work pressure & other unwanted stress make us down if you did not maintain it. Immunity & health issues are now quite common problems for everyone. Research shows physical activity reduces various types of health issues like; mental stress, anger, depression, immunity problem, etc. Walking exercise is the most common & beneficial physical activity that can make you active & fit.


The pedometer app is a step counter app that counts steps via a GPS tracker or in-built sensors on your phone. A pedometer is one of the popular walking step count apps. This app counts your step automatically from your hand, pocket, or bag. It is the best walking app for all ages of people who want to track their walking steps daily.

 Features of the Pedometer app: 

• The pedometer app actively monitors your activity level, calories burned, & other health-related measures. 

• The pedometer app is free to download, & not chargeable for premium access. 

• This app is simple to use & can track automatically. 

• Every age group of people can use this app. 

• Pedometer app step counting stops by itself. 

• The pedometer app does not collect your data, it was a secure app. 

• This step tracker app saves the battery of your smartphone. 

• This app tracks your daily walking goals & shows your daily or weekly reports on your smartphone. 

• The pedometer app easily tracks your daily 10,000-step goals. 

• It is suitable for Android devices on the Google Play app store. 

• For more accuracy in step counting, input your correct information in the set features of this application. 

Hopefully, this app will achieve great success in other step counter apps & people can recommend others to use this app. Use the pedometer app for your daily step count & keep healthy.


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