You need to know about HomeMate Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Smart 4 Gang Touch Switch

Technology & Smart gadgets are complementing each other & we are all too much depends on this. Smart technology changes our daily lifestyles along with the adaptation of new gadgets. Here we discuss another new gadget- HomeMate Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Smart 4 Gang Touch Switch.


Let’s check out the features of these gadgets:- 

• The HomeMate Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Smart 4 Gang Touch Switch is a smart home device that allows you to control your home lighting and other electrical appliances using your smartphone or voice commands. It is designed to work with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant, allowing you to easily control your devices with voice commands. 

• This switch has a sleek and modern design with a tempered glass panel and LED backlight that provides a beautiful and elegant look to your home. It is easy to install and connects directly to your home Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth, enabling you to control your home devices from anywhere at any time.

• With the HomeMate app, you can set schedules, timers, and scenes to automate your home lighting & other appliances, making your life more convenient & comfortable. Additionally, you can share control with your family members and monitor the status of your devices remotely. 

• The 4-gang touch switch allows you to control up to four different devices at once, providing flexibility and convenience. The touch panel is highly sensitive and responds quickly to your touch, making it easy to use. 

• Overall the HomeMate Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Smart 4 Gang Touch Switch is a great addition to any smart home. It offers convenience, flexibility, & control over your home devices, making your life easier & more comfortable.


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