Free Online Course: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

This course, Conflict Resolution in the Workplace, will provide you with an understanding of the workplace harassment. You will learn about developing an anti-harassment policy for the workplace. You will be able to explain polices in the workplace and proper procedure in the workplace. You will also learn about sexual harassment and false allegations. Students will then learn about mediation and conflict resolution.


This course then explains conflict resolution in depth. You will learn about styles with TKI. You will also learn about creating an effective atmosphere. The course teaches you how to reach a mutual understanding and focusing on individual and shared needs. Students will learn about getting to the root cause and building a solution.

This course then wraps up with civility in the workplace. You will learn work etiquette and costs and rewards. Students will learn about communication and negotiation. Students will also learn about writing a civility policy and implementing the policy. By taking this course you will learn how to create and enforce a civility and conflict resolution policy. So why wait? Start learning today.


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