How to stop biting your nails?

Nail-biting habits have mostly been seen in children & teens. But some adults are also affected by these habits. They are struggling to stop these habits but they can’t. Nail-biting could be a sign of mental stress, feeling insecure, nervous & anxious. Some research shows that habits could be genetic. If parents have nail-biting habits then their child is also affected by this habit.


Here are some followings tips to stop biting nails:- 

• When you have a strong urge to bite your nails, keep yourself busy. Engage your fingers with some work.

• Keep your mouth busy. You can eat candies or chew some gums. It reduces your desire of biting your nails.

 • Spend money in a salon to manicure your nails. Whenever you look at your nails you can stop yourself to bite nails.

 • Paint your nail with nail polishes, its bitter taste stop you to bite your nails. 

 • If you can’t control yourself to bite your nails, cut them short, so whenever you urge to bite, you can’t.

Impacts of biting nails affect our body:- 

• Whenever you bite your nails, its damages your nail cuticles.

• Excessive nail-biting, effectively damage our teeth enamels. 

• Uneven nail growth & change nail colors.

 • Whenever you bite your nails with your teeth, you intake germs & bacteria into your body. It causes a high risk of spreading infections.

  If you want to cut off these bad habits, please follow these tips that help you to stop biting nails & hopefully you might be overcome with this bad habit.