Reason Behind of Hanging Lemon & Chilly Outside of Shops

India is a country of various cultures & traditions, along with lots of superstitions. Many superstitions we believe in everyday life like breaking mirrors, hanging lemon & chillies, a black cat crossing our path, etc. We know nothing is happening behind these all superstitions but when a black cat crosses our path we stop & wait for someone else to pass first. We Indian thought a black cat symbolized a bit of bad luck & when we pass these paths we thought that bad luck come upon us.


But every superstition has possible logic. In India, we see lemons & chillies hanging on doors in homes, shops & vehicles also. In very old times we practice these, we believe that hanging lemon & chillies will help to keep away evils & black magic. Now the question is what is the actual reason behind hanging lemon & chillies outside of homes, shops & vehicles? Here are two reasons behind that we explain below:

Religious Explanation:

According to Mythology, Laxmi is one of the main goddesses; she is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, & prosperity. She had a twin sister, her name is ALaxmi. Alaxmi symbolized bad fortune & poverty. In Hindu mythology Alaxmi is the shadow of goddess Laxmi, Alaxmi goes with Laxmi wherever she goes. Naturally, people want goddess Laxmi, not Alaxmi. 

Goddess Laxmi like sweets & similar dishes, that’s why in every Hindu festival we included sweets. Alaxmi likes sour & stinging things. So, in Hindu families people hang lemon chillies outside of their house & shops, when Alaxmi come to their doorstep she gets satisfied itself & she doesn’t enter their house & shop. So, people hang the lemon chillies outside on their doorstep & ensured that Laxmi enter their houses not Alaxmi. 

Scientific Explanation:

According to science many years ago the technologies were not good as today’s time. Those times pesticides are not available, lemon & chillies are natural pesticides. Lemon & chillies are the sources of vitamin C, lemon fluids are acidic & chillies are natural germ killers so, when lemon & chillies pierce cotton thread the smell of lemon & chillies are evaporate in the air. If we hang lemon & chillies outside of our doorstep, it will keep mosquitoes & other harmful insects away.