Online Free Course: Administrative Support

The administrative support course teaches you about the basics of organization, resource and time management, and communication. You will learn how to manage your time more effectively, be better organized, and improve your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.


This course, Administrative Support, will provide you with an understanding of what administrative support is and what it entails for you. You will learn about getting and staying organized. You will be able to explain how to best manage your time to be most effective. You will also learn about working in a way to get all the required work done on time. 

This course then explains special tasks that you will run into in your work as an administrative support specialist and takes a look at an example of some of those special tasks. You will learn about verbal and non-verbal communication skills and how to understand and utilize both. You will also learn about empowering yourself to do the best work you can. 

This course then wraps up by talking about the importance of a team of two. You will learn about taking care of yourself by not taking on more tasks than you can handle. By taking this course you will learn the ins and outs of what it takes to work in administrative support. So why wait? Start learning today and by the end of the week, you will have gained some valuable administration skills.


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