Free Online Course: Executive Assistant Skills

The Executive assistant skills course will teach you effective time management and several other administrative soft skills required to become an efficient and effective executive assistant.  
This course, Executive Assistant, will give you an understanding of the skills required to be a practical executive assistant. You will learn about working with your manager to understand and achieve productivity goals. You will be able to explain how to effectively manage your time and resources to be a practical executive assistant. You will also learn about key administrative soft skills necessary for working as an executive assistant. 



This course then explains how to best manage meetings in regard to scheduling and communication. You will learn about tools of the trade such as email protocol, computer skills, software skills, and communication skills. You will also learn about phone and voicemail etiquette to best represent yourself and your manager when interacting with others over the phone. 


This course then wraps up by discussing the process of being an effective gatekeeper. You will learn how to filter calls and emails for your manager to be most effective while also learning guidelines for handling confidential information. By taking this course you will learn the skills of an effective executive assistant. So why wait? Start learning today. 



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