Wireless Earbuds Are Pretty Much The Perfect Package

True wireless headphones have come a long way in terms of build quality, reliability, and battery life –especially considering this category was all but nonexistent two to three years ago. Today’s offering of truly wireless headphones have gotten so good that we can finally recommend them for a majority of people who value the convenience and compact size that these headphones offer.

Who says truly wireless earbuds can't sound good? The SoundSport Free is Bose's first crack at launching an Apple AirPod competitor, and, to a large extent, the company has nailed it.

However, while there has been some major improvements to the form factor, some true wireless headphones are still a mixed bag of compromises, excelling at certain things while failing at others. The Bose SoundSport Free fall into that latter category, offering great sound and build quality with a few flaws that you should take into serious consideration.


Wireless Earbuds Are Pretty Much The Perfect Package


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