The One-Piece Party Machine- Sony MHC

The one gadget that will take your house parties from awesome to legendary is the Sony MHC. While the name doesn't cause any excitement, the portable party speaker surely will. It promises thumping music, psychedelic lights and karaoke options, among other things.

Tower speakers normally come in pairs  not so with Sony’s latest home audio system. It looks like a tower speaker but it’s a complete audio and video system in one something that will play your music CDs, DVD movies, MP3 CDs, FM stations, files from a USB drive and finally music over an aux cable or over Bluetooth. 


The One-Piece Party Machine- Sony MHC

Having an AUX input means that you can hook it up to almost any source like to your TV, DVD player, portable music player (if it doesn’t have Bluetooth), set top box or game console. Looking at the design, it’s clear that there are two parts to it a lower section with speakers and the top section that houses the electronics.

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