Looking for the best backpack for travel? Then it can be challenging to find.

A good travel backpack has to be comfortable, easy to organize, and durable as well. Wheather you are looking for a cheap backpack for low-budget travel, or a premium backpack for your business travels. If you travel often or planning a big trip, then it’s often better to go for a lightweight and versatile pack (and possibly carry-on size), as you’ll want a bag that is always comfortable to carry.


Looking for the best backpack for travel? Then it can be challenging to find.

Key features to look for:

   Front-loading (you will love this!). Many backpacks are top-loading, with a drawstring to close it at the top. This sucks. It means having to dig around awkwardly to get something from the bottom. Bags with a clamshell design are much nicer: you just zip them open face down, with everything within instant reach. Super convenient.

   Waist strap. Using a waist strap distributes the load around your whole body instead of just your shoulders. It’s essential for frequent travel as it helps avoid sore shoulders and bad backs.

   Laptop compartment. A separate padded compartment keeps your electronics secure. Of course, you can also use these zipped compartments for books, your travel journal, or many other things.

   Rain resistant. You don’t want water to leak into your bag! Make sure it’s weather sealed or includes a rain cover.

   Carry-on sized (if possible). It might not a deal breaker for everyone, but carry-on size lets you save time and avoid additional luggage fees on some airlines.

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