Cable management box can also help to improve your productivity and reduce stress.

Cable management boxes are a great solution. These simple boxes can hold everything from power strips to excess cables. They are not only tidier and more attractive, but can also be safer than loose cables, keeping both pets and children away from dangerous power strips and cords.

Key Considerations

Construction and design

While simple in design, there are still elements in the construction of a cable management box which can help it rise above its competitors.

The overwhelming majority of boxes are made from plastic. Any box you are considering should be durable and rugged. It should be resistant to scratching and impact — some manufacturers claim the materials they use are also fire resistant.

The best cable management boxes offer some form of ventilation, in addition to “feet” constructed from rubber or another material on the bottom. These feet not only keep the box from sliding around, but also raise it up and help to vent away excess heat.



This is less of a concern if your cable management box is going to be tucked away behind your entertainment center, but those that sit atop a desk or are otherwise prominently displayed should be attractive and work with your décor. If appearance is important, give weight to this when considering models. Some also offer color options, which can help when you are trying to visualize one in a room.


Cable management boxes are available in different sizes, and you should consider both your needs and your available space before deciding on one. A larger box will hold more power strips and wires, but may become a problem if you are trying to wedge it behind a TV stand or prop it up on a crowded table or desk.

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