Amazon Echo Input Portable, a new smart speaker

Amazon Echo Input Portable, a new smart speaker that is designed to deliver hands-free Alexa access on-the-move, has been launched in India. With looks similar to the existing Echo speakers, the Echo Input Portable is touted to deliver 360-degree audio experience to customers alongside offering far-field voice recognition. The smart speaker includes an array of four microphones to enable conversations with Alexa assistant from across the room. However, what primarily makes the Echo Input Portable different from all the existing Echo speakers -- including the ultra-portable Echo Dot -- is the built-in battery that is rated to deliver up to 10 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge.


Consumers can use the Amazon Echo Input Portable just like how they would use any of the existing Echo speakers. This means it serves Alexa to the masses and provides them with the ability to play music, listen to the latest news or weather alerts, or set an alarm by simply passing voice commands. There is a speaker driver as well as the four-microphone array to enable a smart speaker experience.

Having said that, Amazon has provided a built-in 4,800mAh battery to distinguish the experience to some extent and to cater to new use cases. One of them could be to use the Echo Input Portable to get a portable Alexa experience that can move from one room to another. The other use case that Amazon presumes could be to bring Alexa closer to kids.

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