Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses

The course will teach you how to integrate social media platforms into your e-commerce website so that you can drive customer awareness of your brand and increase sales. The course begins by describing the need for a dynamic web presence, and then teaches you how to research and plan for a dynamic website. This section will include an overview of the most important areas to consider when creating a website, a discussion of the key interactive elements that can be added to a website, and the core issues that must be addressed when editing a business website.


Next, you will learn about the key concepts and considerations relevant to social media, along with the different ways of preparing and sharing social media content. This will include a lesson on the key differences between types of social media that many small business owners tend to miss. You will then learn how to meaningfully measure social media engagement so that you can get better data to inform your business decisions. You then be given a really practical overview of how to apply all of your new knowledge to key platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs.

Utilising social media can be tricky, but worth it. A few small bits of information about where and how to allocate your time to social media will really pay off. Unfortunately, a large number of small business owners do not understand how to use social media correctly, and never take the time to learn how to do things right. By taking this course, which takes just 3 hours, you can get ahead of the crowd. So why wait?

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