Best Android Smartwatch: Wear on your wrist Samsung Galaxy Watch

If you've got an Android phone and you're on the hunt for a compatible smartwatch, you're in the right place.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is still one of the most refined smartwatches you can buy today thanks to its attractive design, cohesive user interface and, importantly, four-day battery life.

The Galaxy Watch looks and feels like a high-end wristwatch, with a circular stainless steel case and stylized bezel. It’s both stylish and functional because, like the previous Gear S3, the bezel rotates to cycle through its various on-screen menus.

This comes running Tizen software, but it works well with Android devices and gives you lots of apps to choose from. It's a great choice for tracking your fitness, but it also sports top-end specs and a premium design that's suitable for everyday wear.