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The app aims to address every academic need of CBSE and ICSE school students.
   â€¢ Features and services provided by the App- 
       1. Free Homework Help & Clearing Doubts. 
       2. NCERT Solutions for class 6 -12, making the homework easy. 
       3. Ask and Answer feature for expert-certified solutions for all subjects: 16 lakh questions & 40 lakh free answers till now 
       4. Textbook Solutions for over 50 popular reference books like R.D. Sharma, P.S. Verma and many more. 
       5. Video lessons with rich animations. Over 14000 high-quality videos conforming to NCERT Books. 
       6. CBSE and ICSE aligned study notes to learn any topic. 
       7. Unlimited practice questions 
       8. Free Social Learning with Dashboard feed tells you what your friends from school are studying. 
       9. Over 9000 sample papers for CBSE & ICSE Class 6 to Class 12. 
       10. Topic Tests, Chapter tests & Full-length mock tests 
       11. Easy revision notes for Class 6 to Class 12. 
       12. CBSE Class 10 Previous year board papers, CBSE Class 12 Previous Year Board Papers. 
       13. Ace exams like NTSE, NSO (National Science Olympiad), IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad), and IEO (International English Olympiad) with our study material, mock tests, and practice papers.