How to encash your cheque?

When you receive any cheque, you need to deposit it so you can get the money. Otherwise, it is just a piece of paper. Depositing cheque is a very easier task, and after you make this process, you can use your money as you want to spend it.


Here are some tips while you depositing any cheque:


Visit your branch: If you receive any cheque from anyone, your first responsibility is to visit the bank's branch. You need to deposit cheque at your bank for clearing your cheque. On the other hand, if the cheque is found uncrossed then go to teller/cash counter and receive the amount immediately.


Fill up the deposit slips:


         1) Write the current date on “Date” section.

         2) Then, write the name of person or company.

         3) Write the name of bank, cheque no. & the amount of the cheque.

         4) After fill up the cheque deposit slip, you need to attach it with your cheque through the gems clip, not stapler. Then drop the cheque on a particular cheque drop box within the first hour. Many banks have two or more cheque drop box, if you have any doubt that where to drop the cheque just visit customer helpdesk and clear your doubt then drop the cheque.


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