Plastic Bottle Vs Glass Bottle.

Our environment is getting stressed under plastic for long. It is a material which can’t be destroyed and this has become a threat to mother nature. Plastic is not also good as a bottle to drink water. Try to use a glass bottle. It is better for the planet as well as your health.


Here are some points to tell you why a glass bottle is better than a plastic one.

1. Glass bottles do not contain any potentially harmful chemical but some plastic bottles do.
2. Some plastic bottles are made to use a single time and contain Bisphenol A (BPA), phthalate, PVC or Polycarbonate. Which is not at all good for natural hormones in the human body. If you use them more than one time, it can be harmful to you.
3. For the sake of mother nature use glass bottles instead of plastic. As we all know how harmful they are for the environment.
4. The glass bottle is easier to clean than a plastic one and can be sterilized very quickly in boiling water.
5. Water in glass bottle tastes neutral. But this is not the case with plastic ones.