Indoor plants help to improve overall health and wellness.

“Greenery”- Close your eyes and think about. You will definitely feel a soothing surrounding. Indoor plants not only enhance your home decoration, it also purifies the whole atmosphere around you.


See how you could take advantage from potted indoor plants.

   • Fresh air- NASA has undergone a study named “Clean Air Study” to prove that some house plants can help to clean the air we breath. They can eliminate harmful toxins in air. Spider plant, snake plant, Dragon tree, golden pothos, peace lily are those kinds of indoor plants.

   • Stress less- Some broad leaf plants can reduce stress at your home easily. Bamboo palm, weeping fig, reed’s palm are the plant that you can pot to lighten your stressful mind and increase productivity. It also regulates air humidity.

   • Healing- If you want a natural remedy of healing, then the “aloe-vera” plant will take the first place. It is also known as the medicine plant. With many healing benefit it has also a power of purifying the air. The gel inside an aloe plant can remove sun tan as well as heal regular cut, infections, burn wounds effectively. Boiled water with aloe leaves is good for asthma patients.

   • Refresh mental health- Plants help us to regain positivity and make us feel relaxed. If you potted some plants which can grow easily with a little effort you will feel really boosted when they are blooming.

   • Noise controlling power- Those who are living near the roadside have a serious problem of noise. An indoor plant can reduce the extremity of noise in effect.

Name of Plants & Using area    

  • Snake plant- Living Space, kitchen, rooms with wood stove.
  • Dragon Tree- Living space.
  • Spider plant- Living space.
  • English Ivy- Bedrooms, office area.
  • Peace Lily- Bathroom or damp areas of home.