Source of emitting positive energy at home.

Home is the heart of our comfort zone. we reboot ourselves at home most freely rather than the world. So, we need to energize our sweet home with full of positivity and reduce negative vibes.


That is why make some idea, how some little things can enhance positive energy.


Lucky bamboo-


To attract good luck and wealth you can plant a lucky bamboo at your home. It is a kind of indoor plants spread positive energy around you.  Stalks of these plants mean different.


   • Two stalks represent love.
   • Three stalks represent happiness, long life, wealth.
   • Four is never mentioned anywhere. According to Chinese four sounds negativity. Quite similar to death. so, try to avoid four stalks bamboos.
   • Five stalks represent the areas of emotional, intuitive, mental, physical wealth.
   • Six stalks represent good luck and wealth.

Up to twenty-one stalk lucky bamboo, you can plant at your home to boost positive energy and good luck.


White candles- 

The color white stands for prosperity. White candles have been used to remove negative energy. They are an easy and effective way to set the mind for peace.

Wind chime- 

A soft tinkling sound of wind chime extends good vibes. It helps to remove ill-luck and provide positive energy. Try to place it in front of the door or window. Wind chimes directly connect nature with your home.

Small Garden- 

A little greenery around you is very peaceful for your mind. It vibrant your mood and positivity. You can place small tubs in the balcony to grow positive thoughts.