Indian Martial Art: A Touch of Cultural heritage.

Martial Art is a compact form of various sports and culture Which was invented by a south Indian Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma and spread in China, Japan and Korea as a form of self-defense or attack.


What is Indian martial art?


Indian Martial art is a form of cultural practice in Indian subcontinents since Vedic time. It is also known as combat knowledge and self-defense knowledge. Apart from that, there is an own form of practice martial art is found around our states. Such as,


  • Lathi Khela in west Bengal
   • Pari khanda in Bihar (The steps of pari khanada is also used in Chau dance)
   • Mardaani Khel in Maharashtra
   • Kalaripayattu in Kerala
   • Gatka in Punjab
   • Silambam and Varma Kalai in Tamilnadu
   • Kathi Samu in Andhra Pradesh
   • Vajramunshi in Karnataka
   • Sqay in Kashmir
   • Thang-Ta (Huyen Lallong) in Manipur
   • Toda in Himachal Pradesh ( This martial art is also a dance form)
   • Paika in Odissa


Advantage of Indian Martial art


Till now we used to know Martial arts have an impact on self-defense and cultural performance. But Martial Art is rich in physical, mental & Spiritual improvement.

  1. It helps to build good balancing power.
  2. Enhance physical fitness.
  3. Boost self-confidence.
  4. Improves focus sight.
  5. Give a lesson of morals and value
  6. Improve stability & coordination quality
  7. Brush up blood pressure and heart rate.
  8. Concentration booster.
  9. Mood freshener.


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