Importance of joint family in the modern world.

We are living in a broken world. Even our family structure also getting smaller day by day. The new generation of kids are deprived of their grand parent's guidance and caring. This has become a common picture of every next door now.

For the sake of argument, if you find out hundreds of difficulties of a joint family, you must admit there are many fruitful sides also belongs to a joint family.


1. Most of the children spend time alone after school because their parents are on the job. They can get their cousins or grandparents accompany if they share one roof above their heads.

2. In festivals or occasions like birthday parties, marriage anniversary, etc. Workload and happiness all are shared. Celebrations become more enjoyable. 

3. When you are low, depressed or stressed and can’t share those kinds of stuff with your parents, you will get more shoulders to put your sorrow off.

4. Children learn the art of sharing.

5. Parents are generally getting worried when they left their kids alone at home. But if you stay in a joint family you are always in a secure zone.

6. The joint family teaches us to improve our self-control and how to respect others.

7. An often-used proverb, “our family is our strength” is true enough. If you live in a joint family, in your every little obstacle they will be your strength.