Benefits of chanting “OM” Mantra.

The Most ancient mantra “OM” has the power to consume four elements together. The way you chant the OM mantra, The First three sounds as- A, U, M. Forth one remains unheard. This unheard sound creates a silence that surrounds our mind and body. 

What does “OM” mantra mean?

“OM” is one of the oldest mantra. It connects the brain with the spiritual universe. Hinduism Says, as the creation began, the divine, all cosmic consciousness took the form of the first and original vibration exhibiting as sound “OM”. Mythology says, chanting “OM” can connect us with the god. It is the first step of worshiping the supreme.


Advantage of chanting “OM” Mantra

1. Chanting “OM” mantra creates positive vibes around us.
2. It purifies the environment around us.
3. It can improve cardiovascular syndrome.
4. The “OM” mantra can decrease blood pressure and regularized heart rate.
5. It helps to clean your aura.
6. This ancient great mantra helps you to meditate & make you feel relaxed. 
7. It helps you to boost the concentration level.
8. Helps to remove toxin from the body.
9. It improves self-healing power.
10. It Boosts immunity.
11. Improves vocal strength by improving vocal cords and muscles around it.
12. The vibration of chanting “OM” opens up sinuses.
13. Controls your emotions and make mind rational.
14. When chanted in a group “OM” mantra, produces a positive vibration and charge up the inner self.
15. It helps to increase metabolism, which may help to reduce body weight.
16. At the time of pronouns “OM”, when it comes to sound “U”- it helps to cure throat problems.
17. It creates a sunny glow on the face and body.
18. If chanted regularly, om mantra reduces the problems of the spinal cord.
19. “OM” Improves eyesight.
20. It is said that at the time of chanting “OM” if you rub your two hands together and then put those to different parts of the body, it starts healing the problems.

Ancient mantras are not overnight fixes to our problems. But if you start practicing “OM” regularly, It will start working promptly.